How did it all begin?

A team of capable technicians had their perspective vision in automation and robotics development and so they decided to implement their first projects. In 1992 Montekord, Ltd. was established in Strakonice. The company new owners did not intend to build their future success on established standards and were determined to specialize in prospective and more and more popular area of single-purpose machinery, automation and robotics industries. Creative new approach to tailor-made solutions to customer’s specific requirements, recognized expertise and the ability of being familiar with the environment of machinery design and construction brought a success to the company when implementing their first projects not only in the automotive industry but in the construction and food processing industries as well.

In 2018 the company was taken over by new owners who have been carrying on in activities of their previous predecessors and further developing the company while focusing on modern processes required by larger and larger number of customers. During the transformation the company name was changed to Montekord Machines, Ltd.

The company is actively involved in projects with already existing as well as new prospective customers. The company team of skilled, capable designers and constructors is constantly expanding by new employees who bring professional abilities necessary for meeting our customers’ high expectations and requirements. In 2019 new premises in Pisecka Street in Strakonice were purchased in order to expand work and operation facilities for further constructions of new machines and devices requiring suitable environment.

Montekord People – A professional team of skilled enthusiasts dedicated to their work is key success factor.

Our effort is to build up on the initial attitude of our former owners, who established the company of two members and when developing the company they were expanding it by working with professionals to create a strong skilful team. Their main business activities were construction and project management, upon which they have gradually built a team of experienced mechatronics engineers and electricians consequently strengthened by creative programmers, thanks to whom new machines and applications are born conveying sense of intelligence and soul. Our company is committed to a creative attitude of employees of all working levels who are able to realize investment projects in a unique way bringing even higher efficiency to our customer.

At work we support and promote working flexibility and individual attitudes trying to avoid impeding our employees with strict regulations. We wish our employees to feel both free in mind and responsible at the same time and to use such attitude when realizing all our mutual projects. The life credo of our employees is to feel real joy and recognition from a successful start up of every machine they had been working on. We endeavour to create working conditions that would motivate the personnel to become real professionals and experts being helpful to our customers’ technicians by coming up with a genuine solution to any of their requirement.

Our common aim is to create a stable working environment supporting peaceful atmosphere but with high-quality work results. Therefore, we encourage our employees to respect and appreciate the work carried out by their colleagues, on whom they can fully rely and trust anytime in the future. Prosperous relationships form the basis for well-functioning team of people who are involved in quick-to-adapt and high quality realization of individual projects. Whole teams of our personnel spend most of their time apart from their families devoting their efforts to the machinery installations at the customer’s premises away from home and therefore a mutual respect and recognition as well as friendly relationships within the team are a vital force to successful and functional project realization. For that reason employees with a real sense of life values promoting team work and attitude are considered to be a true value for our company’s team.

Working at our company

Flat organizational structure contributes to a quick-to-adapt reaction when coming up with project solutions and changes
We are a team of people, each with particular abilities and efforts within their own limits, contributing to the realization of both easy and more complex projects. Project management personnel communicate with customers and know their requirements to a great extent and always bring flexible solutions to their projects which, in most cases, bring the increased efficiency of the production sites. These requirements are then consulted with constructors and construction workers who are able to develop the idea in a new innovated way and turn it into a paper or data form to be consequently formed into a specific model meeting the requirements imposed by the customer. Each solution is presented on regular meetings with our customers where the final form of the whole machine or machinery comes to an existence. After the project documentation is approved by the customer, detailed accompanying technical drawings of the project as well as manufacture processes take place. Since then the contracted project is handed over to experienced assembly workers who construct the mechanical part of the machinery supervised by a constructor followed by electricians and software programmers who bring the machine into the final start up. Afterwards, the final works of tuning and adjustment, transportation to the customer premises and consequent implementation into the customer’s systems, incl. traceability, for instance, take place. The execution of an average project usually lasts between 6 and 8 months including the final handover.

Peaceful and relaxed working environment is a high priority for us and we put great effort into the mutual relationships among our employees in order to get on well both in terms of work and in their private lives. Within the company we all work on first-name terms without distinction to the age. The company credo is based on the flexible working conditions encouraging individual employees to manage their own time and work tasks assigned according to what they are currently into or what task they consider as essential. We prefer a family-kind of working environment. Social events and trips, which almost all employees participate in, take place several times a year.