Automation and robotics as an industry in the Czech Republic stagnated in 1989 from a lack of centralised direction. A team of capable technicians in the industry saw the tremendous potential that existed and began to independently prepare the first automation projects.

Montekord, spol. s.r.o. was established in Strakonice in 1992. The new owners did not want to rely on established standards for their success, and instead decided to specialise in the area of single-purpose machines, automation and measurement and pressure devices.

They found space to begin their operations on Volyňská street in Strakonice, which they use to this day.
A creative approach to resolving customer needs, the drive to accomplish goals, and professionalism have driven the company over the past 26 years to a high level of success in winning contracts, especially in the auto industry.

An acquisition project began in 2017 with a new investor, with the transaction closing in 2018 and resulting in a change in company ownership.

The new owners decided to change the company’s name through the merger to Montekord Machines s.r.o. and continue in the tradition of modernisation, expansion in the production of single-purpose machines, and automation.

We are actively working on projects for existing customers including Škoda Auto, Valeo, Varroc and kicking off new projects in cooperation with Bosch, Uvex, Lovato, Schneider and others.

Our team of designers and builders continues to expand with new colleagues.